You can’t take it back

When I was a new bride and an issue arose in my marriage, I called my mother. She helped me through it without taking sides. It is rare to find that in anyone other than a mother who cares for your about you both.  Be careful who you tell about your relationship issues. In a previous post, we covered sharing on social media, now let’s move on to friends and family. When we are angry or upset, we must be ever so mindful of how we allow ourselves to speak about private things going on in our relationship.  The problem is, things change and people change. You might be angry at your mate in the moment you open your mouth to spew out hateful things, hurtful things, or private things.  What if you realize later, you were wrong or it wasn’t what you thought, or you decided to give it another chance. Oh no! Panic sets in and you realize, you told people and now you have to try and save face! It’s hard for people that love or care for you, to forgive someone who has caused you pain. If you don’t have someone you can go to who will be totally objective and impartial, keep it to yourself and pray, if  you really believe God to be who He says He is, trust Him! Tell Him all about it. God can really keep a secret, he is always fair and unlike us mere mortals, He can actually do something about what’s bothering you. IMG_1371.JPG


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