Hospitality, A Dying Art

One of my favorite things to do is to entertain, but it stresses my husband out a little. He likes to keep it intimate while I like crowds. Nevertheless, when we have guests, we try to always make anyone who enters our home feel welcomed. This post is for those of you who may never have been taught how to care for visitors in your home (to be hospitable). The Bible says in 1Peter 4:9, this is expected of followers of Christ, as well as visiting the sick, the poor, those in prison and caring for the widow and even your enemy, Roman 12:20 Feed them, if they are hungry and be kind.

The easiest and most basic understanding of the word “Hospitality or Hospitable”, from my point of view is; it’s what you expect when you stay at a nice hotel. You expect to be welcomed with a smile, a clean room with clean linen, a clean bathroom with clean towels and sometimes a good meal included, right?

If your guests stay overnight with you, don’t sleep-in the next morning, as you might normally, get up! They are your guest or at least ask them the night before if they would like a meal or something to eat when they get up. It doesn’t have to be fancy or even home cooked. It could just be cut up fruit, store bought muffins, waffles, toast and coffee etc. Do you get what I’m saying? Make people feel like you cared enough to prepare for their visit. Simple, right?

So right away, when you are having guests or family over, it doesn’t matter, these things should be a “No Brainer”. Welcome them into a clean (picked up) home, no matter how you live when no one else is around!

When they are ready to leave, thank them for coming and walk them to the door.

That’s simply how it’s done.


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