Happily Ever After?

There is something lacking in today’s society, Patience! We want everything right now, exactly the way we want it. If it’s not working the way we think it ought to, it’s so easily discarded and we’re on to the next thing, relationship, diet, friend, job etc,. Does this phrase sound familiar at all?, “Anything worth having is worth fighting or working for”.

Here’s another one of my “oh so practical” husband’s sayings concerning our relationship; “I’d rather have 80% of the good in you than 80% of the worse, I can deal with 20% of anything else”.

Why do we make relationships so hard? If there is more good than, not so good, then work on the “not so good” part till it’s better. The point I’m trying to make is, we all have flaws and issues and it’s so much easier to see someone else’s flaws than our own. Self evaluation is key in all that we do!

Ask some vital questions such as, what would happen if I became …., what could our marriage not withstand….., what could make you feel differently about me…. etc., talk regularly, to the point that when an issue arises in your relationship, it’s not blown out of proportion because you have communicated or you will be able to communicate and understand one another enough to get through it.

Do you realize that we are less likely to offend a good friend than we are, our spouse or loved one. Why? Because we talk with our friends all the time and we share everything with them. In some cases, our friends were in our lives before our partners were. If we should happen to offend our friend, we don’t rest until we fix whatever is wrong, so why not extend that same courtesy to that person you vowed to love and cherish or that person you are in a committed relationship with? Live peaceably with all people, that means our spouses and loved ones too! (Romans 12:14-18)


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