Marriage was created by God that’s why we make vows before Him

My prayer is that my blog will help anyone who is looking for practical relationship advice.  I am not a professional in any way but I have been married almost 33 years and most of it has been very happily.  I am a Christian and I made a choice to live for God, with that being said, after being married for some time and having our two children, God audibly spoke to me and said my marriage and family would be a ministry and His word has not failed.  Many have come to my husband and me concerning our marriage and how we make it work so well.  Our answer is and has always been God, communication, laughter and respect.  That has been what has worked for us.

No marriage or relationship is perfect but I have found in my many years of being with the same man, there is so much we can do as individuals to make relationships better.  I hope to help you understand how being submissive plays a part in a happily married couples life.  It’s not hard but it’s simply loving and respecting one another.


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